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Agile Higher Education Software

Monitor, Track And Analyze Monitor, Track And Analyze

DMake each minute detail matter. Pay close attention to the procedures, and find out the areas for intervention with interlinked modules. .


BI Dashboards

Obtain actionable insights with BI dashboards and get access to accurate information on School Portal and Mobile Apps.

Configurable Reports

Configure report fields, generate several reports for all modules and stay compliance-ready always.

User-Defined Processes

Personalize the system by defining and implementing Institute-specific processes in the ERP to enhance user experience.

Get Complete Control Over All The Processes With
End To End School ERP

Library management system

Accessioning & Cataloguing
Automates library tasks such as book requisition, procurement, invoicing, stock verification, accessioning, binding, etc. using the
library module. Withdrawal, write-off, and indexing, of books, can also be done using the library module.

Print BT cards, ID cards, or smart cards in bulk using the system. Manage document circulation easily with the automated library ERP,
with other activities like fine management, book bank, clearance notices, etc.

Uses web-based OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) searches to find information about books and documents. Simple details like title,
publisher, subject, and author are used for searching any book or document..

MIS Reports
Generate various kinds of reports such as accession register, barcode, QR code & spine labels, circulation register, biner orders, etc.
with the library management software. The system manages monthly bills for publications like newspapers and journals as well as anticipated
arrivals and budget analyses.

Accounts Management System

Account Creation
Create a comprehensive accounts database by defining cash books, ledger heads, main and sub-heads, receipt types, financial years, etc.
in the account management system. Multiple accounts of various schools are maintained, from a single accounts module

With accounting software, you may handle routine accounting tasks like voucher inputs and get rid of redundant data. The module manages
bank reconciliation and subsequent reporting. It uses a single platform to make all types of payments.

Accounts Reports
With the integrated accounts, ERP offers real-time data and generates useful account reports like cash bank ledgers, day book ledgers,
trial balance, income and expenditure statements, balance sheets, and receipt and payment statements.

Automate your accounting activities with the integrated accounts ERP, linked with fees, hostel, stores, payroll, and bus modules to
facilitate quick and precise operations. Manage every payment with accuracy and maintain transparency across all the modules.

Stores Management System

Requisition and approval
Departments or teachers can create online applications requesting items. The requisition goes through a passing authority path and gets approvals or rejections
by various predefined authorities. For important actions, notifications are sent.

Indent & PO Preparation
The requested items are given their own indent after being accepted. The store manager can use a website to request quotes from vendors. It constructs a
comparative statement that automatically recommends which vendor should be used to purchase which item. Supply and Issue
Create a gate pass for the supply vehicle carrying goods. Generate an invoice after checking the quantity and quality of the goods supplied by the vendor.
Approve the stock of goods and issue the goods to the respective departments.

Reports & Notifications
Utilize the store management system to send notifications and alerts in response to significant events such as the approval or rejection of a request, reorder
level alerts, etc.

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